Sydney's Gay It Forward

Welcome to Sydney's Gay It Forward, a group created by The Pineapple Brand to help and encourage people to pay it forward to the community. It doesn't take much to be kind and give back to those that have trouble navigating through life. We have all been put in the MINORITY BOX, but we are not defined by that, we are part of something way bigger. So let's stand up for each other and support the cause and Gay It Forward.


Come and be a part of this movement and share with others your perspective of life and insight, and possibly, make a change on how others will carry themselves on the walk of life. The hardships that you prevailed, the way you learned how to live above your demons, the tools you acquired throughout life to deal with situations and people, can be of great use to others that can't see that yet. That's what this group is about, sharing and promoting actions to make the community better.


Get in contact with us to propose how you can make your contribution, and we are not talking about monetary ways you can help, but how you can your experiences to enrich people. We are counting on you! 

"You Are Good
You Are Enough
You Are Ready!"

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